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Android auto in your car!

We are back with a new feature of android. Wait guys! It’s not for your mobile, but for your car. News known to everyone that android auto has already been announced at Google I/O on June 25, 2014. For to work in your car, your mobile’s android version should be L which is recently introduced with the name Lollipop (developer’s version 5.0). The Android operating system is taking over all the mobile platforms and it is one of the leading mobile operating system. Talking about android lollipop, users are fascinated with the new material design, user interface, long battery life, security, notifications and the list goes on. With android lollipop your device can be customized the way you want. With this new version, android wear, android auto has been introduced. Whoa guys, I remember that here we are talking about android auto, with lollipop version everyone’s mind is blown away including me.

Android’s Goal:

Why android have introduced android wear, glassware or android auto. Android’s main goal is to wake people to concentrate on their real world rather involving more on gadgets and creating their virtual world. With these new features you feel like life is easier and realistic. You use car almost everyday for work, for trips and without phone there is no life nowadays. Offcourse you bring your phone in your car too! But when you receive calls or message, you have to either stop the car or you use your phone while driving, this leads to dangerous situations. So while managing driving and looking onto the phone, you are lost. You become disconnected. Ultimate solution found is ANDROID AUTO.

Challenges faced by developers:

Out there are many brands, manufacturers and each having different software platforms that too, depending on the car manufacturing year. Developers had to face difficulties such as:

  • Many auto platforms.
  • Distribution difficulties.
  • Safety regulations
  • Connectivity
  • Personalization

So developers decided to use your smart phone to connect with your car. Why smart phone? Well! The phone is yours with your apps and services. That’s how they came up with android auto. Your car has the hardware (speakers, dashboard, microphone, GPS, compass, battery) which can be utilized, to work with android auto.

Working of android auto:

Here they are using a USB cable to connect to your car’s dashboard. When connected, your phone functionality is transferred, but you cannot operate your phone at that time. When USB is connected simultaneously, it will be charging also, so USB is the right choice for integration. They map low level hardware in the car onto the protocol.


They have used one common library “Android auto receiver library” which is integrated to all the auto platforms. It has set of protocol stacks, set of interfaces. It makes consistently integrating android auto with car’s hardware. It also looks after driver distraction and safety, they cannot allow you tube or gaming.


  1. Common feature expected is music. You can make your own playlist. Also play FM radio, which is a feature of the car’s system.
  2. Google maps, which is the best feature of your car. Think that you are playing FM radio when map navigation is still on, then it will duck the FM radio, voice and make it running in the background and continue with navigation. They do all these, by selecting native interfaces of the car.
  3. Google voice is awesome feature which can be utilized for your car. You can ask almost everything such as navigate to some destination, set reminders, make calls, play music, etc. To use google voice you need not reach the dashboard, just one button control on steering wheel.
  4. Messaging is another new and important feature integrated in android auto. Messaging is done completely through google voice. Wow! Amazing, right? When a new message arrives, it is displayed on the heads up notification and also google voice will read the message back to you.


Android auto gives you a feel that you are interacting with the local system, but in reality all the apps, rendering, memory stacks, and services are maintained through your phone. Isn’t it perfect for your car?

Where you can control whole thing just by Google voice. You need not use your fingers to touch over the dashboard much because android auto’s first preference is for driver’s safety and you focus more on your driving. They have already integrated in the brands like Audi, Hyundai and many manufacturing companies. Developers! Android auto’s SDK will soon be released.

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