Pace Wisdom Achieves the Amazon RDS Service Delivery Designation

Bangalore, June 21st, 2022: Pacewisdom announced that it has achieved the AWS Service delivery designation for Amazon Relational Database Services, better known as Amazon RDS. Having worked consistently in diverse sections, and gaining the required skills on AWS, Pacewisdom has been able to reach the milestone of being an AWS RDS Service Delivery designation. The AWS services include Amazon RDS for Oracle, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora MySQL and Amazon RDS for MySQL.

With the designation of Amazon RDS partner, Pacewisdom is qualified to deliver the required services like executing new implementations and a very vast and wide range of highly skilled and complex procedures like administration, storage, backup management, disaster recovery, high availability replication etc among many more.

As an AWS partner, it is crucial to have a very deep and thorough understanding of the technical proficiency in relation to AWS to ensure continued successful solution delivery at every turn. These factors alone make Pacewisdom a very strong and efficient contender among the technological bigwigs of the country. And, the new found success has only made Pacewisdom find a spot amongst the leading technology service providers in India.

Pacewisdom has always been a technologically advanced organization in its decade long of operational existence, which makes it a reliable choice as the delivery service for Amazon RDS. By implementing newer game plans and smarter strategies, Pacewisdom has already helped many of its clients to manage, scale and get cost-efficient database solutions on Amazon RDS.

“We at Pacewisdom are proud to be a Designated Amazon RDS Service Delivery Partner,” said Srihari Bhat,  Director for Cloud Practices. “Pacewisdom has been an AWS Partner since 2019 and is helping its customers to achieve their technology goals by leveraging the wide array of innovative cloud services provided by AWS and will continue to do so.” he added on this occasion of the achievement

About Pacewisdom:

Pace Wisdom Solutions is a deep-tech product engineering and consulting firm that drives business outcomes by leveraging next-gen software. With a customer base in over 10 countries, they leverage their rich expertise to deliver end-to-end technology solutions.

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