4 Ways To Set Up Your Platform’s Content For Success


One of the most important steps in designing an effective website or app is to make sure the underlying content is as organized and effective as possible. This is something a lot of website owners and app designers neglect to consider until too late – but if you keep it in mind from the beginning, your end product will be better for it. As to how specifically to optimize your platform’s content, there are some specific strategies and ideas to consider.


  1. Address Content Before Visual Design


A lot of people setting up sites and/or apps opt for a design-first approach, building infrastructure, setting up navigation, and establishing an aesthetic before actually filling the site in. We have argued in the past for a content-first design approach though, and that same kind of approach can help to set up the content for success. The idea is that when the site or app is ready to go live, its content has to be portrayed clearly and attractively in order for it to be as engaging as possible. For this reason, it’s important to consider it among the other building blocks of design, rather than as a feature to add once design is established.


  1. Determine Keywords & Focal Points Early


When you (or writers you may be working with) begin to produce the actual content in conjunction with the design effort, it’s important to do what you can to optimize it or SEO purposes from the start. Some SEO work can and should be done after the fact, in the form of more extensive content marketing that can attract attention to your site or app. However, during the initial production process, you can at the very least figure out relevant keywords to focus on and work them into your pages. Inc. has an overview for selecting effective SEO keywords that can make for a nice guide to start with, if this is a concept you’re largely unfamiliar with. It discusses ideas like focusing on phrases rather than just words, avoiding reliance on ubiquitous terms (giving the example of “jewelry”), and so on. Naturally the specifics will depend on the goal and content of your site or app, but general tips like these are still worthwhile.


  1. Make A Plan For Updates & Changes


If you manage a site or app long enough, you’ll eventually run into a need to go back and edit existing content, add new pages, adjust keyword focus, or even build in an SEO effort retroactively. And in some cases these can seem to be daunting tasks involving a certain level of deconstruction of the site or app at hand. However, if you recognize this possibility in advance and plan for it, you might be able to set up a more effective way to conduct edits and make changes on the go. To that point, Updatable describes how modern tools can enable instant site updates, allowing you to fix errors, modify content, and make other small changes without having to go through code or rebuild entire pages. Whether or not a given tool of this nature works for your specific purposes must be determined on a case-by-case basis, but the general idea is to have a plan and set yourself up with the easiest means possible to keep content fresh.


  1. Conduct Ongoing Analysis Of Engagement


If you’re prepared to make updates to the content on your site or app without meaningfully altering its presentation, then it’s also important to conduct the ongoing analysis that can drive those updates. Basically, this means using your own data (on page views, shared content, and so on) to determine which content is most engaging. It can take time and it’s most effective with a fairly robust analytical approach, but ultimately you should be able to identify trends in content that lead to the most success. This should then affect your content creation and organization, which means that in its own way, it should be included in your continual maintenance of the platform’s quality and design.

Through these steps, you can be well on your way to establishing and maintaining successful content that will bolster the overall design and appeal of your site or app.


Article specially written for By Dana Hampton


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