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The Side Project Marketing Checklist

Many people build their software projects very effectively and spend a lot of time in the technicality but when it comes to revenue they fail just because they lack proper and systematic approach to market their product. This Side Project Marketing Checklist is here to bridge this gap.

We have tried to provide an elegant solution to the problem by compiling a checklist which would make any web site hit.

The whole journey can be divided into four major events that are Pre Launch, Post Launch, Recurring and Optimization.

Pre Launch

The most important area which is taken for granted, is the Pre – Launch analysis which can be a make or break for any major potential breakthrough. First comes, the market research which is to be dedicated most time in doing, taking a look at the current market is very important, find competitors is necessary through various rating sites like Alexa, AngelList and Product hunt. Look for the taglines they use so that you can avoid similarity, look at the pricing and their business model, a more comprehensive idea can be formed by looking through their blogs and the posts of their key employees on social media, subscribing the industry specific newsletter is also a good idea.

Now come the customer research, where you find your user base, finding the right set of people is always good .Find a bunch of people in your contact list, pitch your product to them and minutely take their feedback on your idea, attending meet ups and conferences for your target market is good. Meet other entrepreneurs who have similar competitive products. Find the customers who are opting for similar products like yours through social media and their web sites to find their likes and dislikes. This will be very helpful for creating a list of your early customers.

At this stage itself you should be compiling a list of start-ups and industry blog also small business journals and local journalists which would help you to evolve after the initial success. A “Media Kit” page is suggested at this stage.

It is said that the first impression is the last impression so the landing page of the project should be good, come up with a good domain name and name, a site tagline and also a good logo. There are various tools like unbounce, card etc available online to help you do so. Creating an about and contacts page is also necessary. Along with all this a pricing page needs to be created where you can give discounts and offers initially. Adding social media follow links on landing page itself is a must .Also setting up analysis tools for page hits, bounces and traffic is a necessary step, Analysis platforms like Google analytics, Kiss Matrices, etc is quite helpful in long run.

Setting up email, blog and other social media accounts is very easy, but must be done as early as possible. There are few things to be taken in account such as setting up email list and sign up forms where again sites like Button down, Fresh Mail, etc may help. Templates are necessary for communication and Sign ups to greet new users through mail. Similarly blogs are also necessary and you can choose from popular blogging sites. Availability of names on social networks can be searched using KnowEm, as a best practice all backgrounds and profile images should be standardized.

Post Launch

Now comes the most hectic and nerve wrecking job that is customer outreach. Send coupons and early access notification to the identified customers also keep a track of new people also. Calls are effective but try to keep them limited for exclusive customers. Look out for early customers and ask for their feedback directly. Try to automate your mails setting right time intervals for effectiveness.

Promotions can help you expand your customer base and free promotional channels should be considered, distribute press releases in this process, write and distribute eBooks and white papers, give access to influential bloggers and also actively monitor your social media accounts and blogs.  To scale up even more go for paid promotions on social media, here Google adworks, LinkedIn and other commission based advertisement channels should be exploited.  


This is a continuous process which should never be ignored, constantly putting new content in your blogs, turning posts into podcasts, posting videos on YouTube, and be sure to send all the updates to your customers so that they could be updated. Send regular emails with newsletters regularly. A bit of personal touch has proven to be quite effective in sending mails to new customers. Social media management is a big task; here social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc should be explored.

Public relations boost your outreach ten folds, ask bloggers and other influential journalists to cover your product, find professors and students with .edu sites, guest post on other blogs, and leave non-spam mails. Answer relevant questions on Q&A communities like Stack Overflow and Quora, review industry related books on Amazon and Goodreads and continue as much as you can.


First look at the reviews and customer feeds which you collected earlier, try to make the most of the analytical tools to gain insights. Collect and publish testimonials from happy users, test your web site on various platforms. You can also use Website Grader to pinpoint website improvement. By now you are ready to publish FAQ page.

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