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Solution Proposed

Platform Portal:

The solution is a SASS based model, where an admin portal will be given to administration staff of the client to carry on the bids for Annual Tenders. A login for Transport Corporations will be provided to bid for the tender. The Customers shall be able to choose the vendor after bidding. The Transport companies should arrange for vehicles. The warehouses or destination where the unloading of the goods happen should be able to generate receipt and evaluate the transit loss and delays with respect to the Service Level agreement signed for awarding the freight contract. An intelligent algorithm will give a rating to transportation companies based on the performance tracked across the platform.

Customer Login:

Customers will be able to run reverse auctions to bid lowest in order to grab the order. The vendor selection will happen based on the profile and speciality of vehicles needed for the goods. For e.g. carrying frozen under cold storage items would need specialized containers to carry the goods. Only those vendors who have special vehicles will be allowed to take part in the Bidding process.

The Customer will have an admin staff that runs the bidding by adding the relevant vendors based on the profile updated by the Vendor. The customer will be able to choose the vendor of choice based on Bid. The customer can also over rule the bid process as the final decision lies under Management’s discretion.

The customers will be sending the details to transporters via tickets for shipping with Source and destination. Customers will be able to track the vehicle movements in the login provided.

Transporter Login:

The transporter will be able to login to the portal and bid on assigned Tenders or Ad-hoc requests. The transporter will be able to upload the profile with type of vehicle’s and capacity that can be transported. The transporters will also be able to add driver/trucks to the profile. Once the bid is awarded by the customer the transporter can see the consignments and each can be tagged to the Driver/Truck for Pickup and Delivery with unique identification for each consignment.

Truck Driver App:

Truck Drivers will get an app to track the pickup and drop points of the consignment. The login for the app will be based on the Drivers Mobile number for identification. A SMS OTP will be used for verification of the user. The app will be tightly integrated with google maps and navigation. The app will update the location of drivers at the backend for the Customers to track the vehicle’s movement carrying the shipment.

The driver once reached to destination will be able to update the status applicable and get the receipt for records. The driver’s details will also be recorded.

Warehouse Login:

The warehouse admin will have a login for the portal will be able to receive the consignment and generate receipts for the same. The warehouse can update the review of the transport and evaluate the transit loss and delay if occurred. The login for warehouses Procurement/ Sale Fulfilments is created by the Customer.

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