Sinimas App


  • Many Maintenance works wherever Vendors are involved needs tracking of issues and Payments.
  • Most of the times managing people and the amount of work involved for this remains untracked and difficult to manage.
  • A Hospital has lot of Maintenance and Operational Work.
  • The Facility officer has to track issues with Plumbers, Electricians, AC Mechanics and Other office keeping works with right vendors for regular scheduled maintenance and adhocissues reported.


Centralized System to Report and Track the Issues

  • Can be a User/Public App or Website
  • An issue can be with a title, description and an image.

Admin Panel

  • Manage Vendors and Payment Approvals
  • Assign issues to the right vendor

On the Go Mobile App for Vendor to:

  • Fix all the issues assigned
  • Track issues to closure
  • Track the Payments


  • Manage Vendors and Categories of Vendors
  • Manage tickets and Assign to Vendors
  • Track the Tickets to closure
  • Hassle free Management and Reports
Sinimas App, Mobile & Web app development by Pace Wisdom

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