iCom Viewer app


  • This App reads the patient data from an external server and enables doctors to take decisions accordingly
  • In the screenshot shown, we can select the appropriate file to be referred to see the patient data
  • The user is also given an option to change the image attributes like Panning, Zooming, Hue, Saturation, Image Rotation etc.
  • Minute problems can be detected as shown above
  • Also, by tapping on any two points on the image, we can decipher the distance between the two points

Versatile DICOM image support:

  • Support displaying DICOM images from internal or external memory (SD card).
  • Support multiple image modality: CT, MRI, US, CR, OT, NM, XA.
  • Support different internal data format: 8/12/16 bits, grey/colour image, or LUT data.
  • Support compressed image (relative slow in decompression, so be patient).
  • Support multiple frame image, or image series from multiple files.
  • Provide detailed information of embedded DICOM info.

Intuitive image manipulation:

  • One finger scroll to adjust contrast and brightness (window level and width).

Several window pre-sets are defined and can be quickly applied from drop list.

  • Two fingers to pan or zoom image for more visible details.
iCom Viewer app, Android & iOS Mobile app development by Pace Wisdom

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