HiGear App


The client desired a credible company to incorporate a dominant feature that requited connecting , disconnecting , re-connecting the Bluetooth without any user interface . Adding to the complexity was the necessity to be able to induce this activity in multiple devices .

HiGear App, Android & IOS app development by Pace Wisdom


After undertaking a major protracted research ,our teams came up with the apt solutions .

Hi-gear is a hybrid append is built on the CORDOVO platform .

A number of teams worked on this project since it involves complexities . One team was dedicated to the user-interface aspect of the app to make the user experience surreal .

Another team is responsible for processing the rest of the Bluetooth related operations . these complex operations like e-mail validation , Bluetooth connection and re-connection , database handling ,API calls , etc have been perfected and are absolutely glitch-free .

HiGear App, Android & IOS app development by Pace Wisdom
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