After intense deliberation , our team came up with an innovative solution of creating a bi-lingual mobile app that could rightly address the requirements of the client , The GMS application .

It is a hybrid app , available on iOS , Android and Windows . The highlight of the App is its ability to compress content posted (images, text ) by users and enable the 2G bandwidth to transfer the same .

The back end language used is PHP and the database utilized is SQL . It is hosted on cloud . Apart from the app we also built a centralized complaints repository , which redirects the information received to various departments headed by the concerned official . An individual with no access to internet also can reach out to the concerned official by a mere SMS . This feature was a part of our Back-end operation .

Significant number of increases in the
grievance addressed in the constituency due to
structured way of handling complaints .

GRS App, Hybrid app development on Android, Web & iOS by Pace Wisdom
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