Android Application Development

With the smooth as butter arrival of Android L, Google is keeping up the curiosity and enthusiasm of the industry and users alike. We at Pace Wisdom help our clients keep up with these rapid transitions & provide you with quality Android app. We believe in giving you applications that do exactly what you need them to and that are robust & secure too.

Android Application Development,Bangalore, India

Android is open-source, versatile and multifaceted where a user can customize the many aspects of the phone. Starting with tweaking the widgets and keyboards to the changing the entire look and feel of your phone by installing a custom ROM .But don’t worry about the jargon for now. We make sure that out applications can benefit all from rookies to experts.

When your android phone can now predict where you might touch the screen next, we would love to help you out by putting together an application that can help you touch new heights. We can provide you applications for ICS & Jelly Bean.

Our expertise lies in the following fields:

    • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • OpenGL graphic library
    • Database maintenance: SQLite
    • Native libraries: NDK
    • Android Media APIs
    • Location Based Service API (GPS, Mobile Network)
    • Android Security Architecture
    • Integration with Social Networks

Android’s Open source support and the wide use by major mobile device vendors has made it a very popular platform. We have a passionate Android team with mobile technology and applications development experience and we are ready to bring our high-quality talent to your Android project.

Our user experience driven development process ensures an easy to use application that appeals to the app users. We provide cost effective android app development services and adopt a faster App development process.

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